Monday, October 21, 2013

The end of ALCS Game 6 would have made for a spectacular cell phone commercial

When Shane Victorino's 7th inning grand slam gave the Red Sox a 5-2 lead on Saturday night, the Fenway crowd erupted, and never sat back down for the rest of the game (if I had to estimate I'd guess in total we were probably standing for nearly 50% of the three-hour and fifty-two minute affair).  The remaining 11 outs felt like nothing more than a countdown to Boston's third World Series berth in the past decade.

However, with two down in the top of the 9th and Koji Uehara on the mound, something took me by surprise.  Not on the field, but in the stands.  Roughly half the fans in the park held up their phones in order to document the final out, and the ensuing Sox celebration (all those white dots pictured).  It got me wondering whether or no it's really worth compromising your enjoyment of that moment by going through the effort of recording it; especially if  there will clearly be many other people's video accounts of it available to watch in the future.

Regardless, somewhere in that are the makings of a brilliant cell phone add.  Along the lines of this, but geared towards the emotion and excitement of sports rather than the humor of parents:

And while I'm on the topic of cell phone commercials, this one is pretty great:

Who cares what they're selling, the Jabba/Princess Leia costume is amazing, just ahead of the dog Darth Vader.  This may be even better than Vader playing fantasy football with Teddy Bruschi.

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