Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Have you noticed when World Series Game 7 is scheduled for?

The Cardinals wrapped up their NLCS victory over the Dodgers in six games last Friday.  The following evening the Red Sox also knocked out Detroit in Game 6 on Saturday.  But because the playoff schedule is pre-determined and based off the maximum potential length of every series, here were are Tuesday still sitting around and waiting for the World Series to start.

The players no doubt would prefer not to have so much time off, it messes with their routines.  And the weather in St. Louis and Boston obviously isn't going to improve the later it gets (it's 68 degrees right now, however the forecast for tomorrow night is 39 and rainy).  But how about this: If the series goes the distance, Game 7 at Fenway Park in scheduled for Halloween night, October 31st.  Back during ALCS Game 6 there was a very prominent and slightly agitated police presence on hand to deal with expected celebrations gone awry.  The possibility of a Red Sox Game 7 World Series victory happening on Halloween (excessive drunkenness x 2, + ecstatic sports jubilation, + costumes everywhere) has got be be like the perfect storm of nightmare situations for the Boston cops to worry about.

And while I'm discussing nightmare situations, it was pretty amazing how the opposite of that unfolded when Jose Iglesias made his second crucial error of the series, leading to Shane Victorino's pennant winning grand slam.


  1. They'll bump it citing public safety. I'd bet A MILLION dollars.

  2. win in 6 and it won't matter...


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