Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The "sneaky basketball hating genius" is still up to his old tricks

Andrew Bynum last played in an NBA game on May 21, 2012.  That was two teams ago, for the Lakers.  He sat out all of last season as a "member" of the Sixers, and is now on the Cleveland Cavaliers payroll.  Back in July I called him a "sneaky basketball hating genius" for hoodwinking the Cavs into paying him $6 million, even if he never takes the floor again; which I think could be his master plan (read that piece and you'll understand why).  Yesterday Fox Sports' Sam Amico had this to report on Bynum's status:
"One source familiar with Bynum’s progress told FOX Sports Ohio that Bynum is nowhere near ready and is likely to miss the entire preseason. He could, however, give it a go early in the regular season, if not for the opener Oct. 30 vs. the Brooklyn Nets."

Good luck getting him ready for opening night Cleveland.  He's already taken well over a year to "recover" from a variety of unspecified minor knee problems dating back to the summer of 2012.  Even Derrick Rose, who last spring set the bar for taking too long to come back from a knee injury, now says he's 100% ready to go.

I suspect sometime in mid to late October we'll here something like "Bynum to miss the first few weeks of season."  Then maybe he'll return to the court by Christmas, maybe not.  If he does I assume he'll "re-aggravate" the injury and be "forced" back to the sidelines once again.  I'll set the over/under for games Bynum plays next season at 35, but zero wouldn't surprise me.

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