Saturday, September 21, 2013

Clay Buchholz looks to make Major League Baseball history tonight

The Red Sox locked up the AL East yesterday, but I kind of wish they could have waited one more game to get it done because of what Clay Buchholz has the chance to do tonight.  Buchholz is 11-0 this year.  Below is the list of pitchers with the most wins in a season without a loss in MLB history (via

If Buchholz goes 12-0 he will tie the all-time record.  Not only that, but here is what you get if you sort that same list by the number of games started:

If Buchholz stays undefeated through tonight he will have started more games in a season (15) without losing than anyone else ever has (also notice the guy in the #10 spot).  Of course there is a chance Buchholz will take the mound one final time in Baltimore next weekend, and this could all come to an end then.  Not to mention the fact that the Sox probably won't field their best lineup this evening after clinching yesterday, and their post-game partying could have them at slightly less than 100% today.  At least it's a night game.

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