Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm a little shocked it took this long for a major fast food place to offer a "french fry burger"

Burger King just recently unveiled this new edition to their $1 "value menu."  I don't think it's an earth shattering idea or anything; but I do think it's a solid one, and I can't believe they never put it out there earlier.

Twenty years ago when my high school friends first started getting drivers licences, I remember taking a road trip to McDonalds one summer afternoon.  A buddy of mine showed us all how he liked to put the fries inside his Big Mac, and I gave it a try as well (I'm also fairly certain that was the first Big Mac of my life).

On the rare occasions ever since then that I have gotten a basic fast food burger and fries, I've done that same thing every single time.  I'm sure a great many people started doing it long before the summer of '93 as well, so it's seems a little crazy that it didn't crack the menu as it's own item till 2013.

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