Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ever wonder if Bill Belichick is bored of winning?

Deadspin has been writing a series of NFL team previews called "Why Your Team Sucks 2013," from the perspective of rival fans looking for any reason they can to hate each franchise.  The articles are a little vulgar and gratuitous, but also definitely include some seriously some funny stuff.  The subject of today's scrutiny was the New England Patriots.  This quote on Bill Belichick made me laugh out loud (stop reading now if you get offended by PG13 language):
"Your coach: MILF-hunting sociopath Bill Belichick, who makes draft choices like a music snob who intentionally chooses the most obscure bands possible for his year end top-10 list. I honestly think Belichick is bored with the idea of winning Super Bowls. I think he takes much more pleasure out of running a tight-end quick kick on third down and seeing if it works. It's like when you win a video game and you decide to go back searching for hidden levels, not actually giving a shit about winning the game itself again. Let's see if I can make a decent H-back out of a potential murderer! KEWL."

Also pretty amusing was the response on twitter from some Pats fans who may not have realized Deadspin has been writing these sarcastic pieces about every team:

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