Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One of Paul Pierce's #THANKYOUBOSTON photos is pretty hysterical

Last week Paul Pierce spent an afternoon sending out pictures of some of his favorite memories as a Celtic on instagram and twitter.  Each one featured the hashtag "THANKYOUBOSTON."  It was very touching, and showed his love for the city and team where he's spent the last 15 years.  I retweeted most of it, and you can watch a video of all his pictures here.

One photo in particular really cracks me up though (I added the green circle):

I applaud the message here, and it's great that Pierce donated money to have a medical building named after him, but the title of it just makes me laugh.  I wonder if he was pissed back when he first found out what it was they decided to build in his name?



  1. I saw this on tv today and was really impressed: “Watching him talk right now makes me sick,” Skip Schumaker of the Los Angeles Dodgers said. “I have an autographed Braun jersey in my baseball room that I’ll be taking down. I don’t want my son identifying what I’ve worked so hard to get to and work so hard to have — I don’t want him comparing Braun to me.

  2. awesome, thanks!


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