Saturday, July 27, 2013

20 years ago today

On July 27, 1993 I was a teenager on vacation with my family at Yellowstone National Park.  I'm not sure exactly what we did that day, but I will never forget what happened when we got back from the park that evening.

Since we didn't have cable television at home, staying in hotels with MTV and ESPN was always a treat for me.  Late that night with my sisters sleeping in one double bed and my parents in the other, I lay on a cot close to the TV with the volume down low and took advantage of a rare opportunity to watch SportsCenter.  I remember whispering to my father (it was really more of a yell/whisper) "Dad, wake up!  Reggie Lewis died."

Somewhere in my parents' house I know I still have this issue of Sports Illustrated.  For the younger Boston fans who don't remember Reggie's game, watch this YouTube clip (and mute the volume if you don't want to hear rap music with explicit lyrics):

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