Friday, July 26, 2013

It's funny how people compare themselves to pro golfers

When I'm at work behind the bar during the lunch shift there is often golf on the television.  And at least once a day without fail some businessman guy will look up from his meal, see somebody hit a nice shot, and make a comment like "man, I wish I could drive like that."  Usually I just chuckle and respond with something like "I know, right?"  But what I want to say is more along the lines of "Yeah, no $#*% buddy, of course you do.  That guy you're watching is a professional golfer, one of the best humans on the planet.  He's 1000 times better than you."

Since golf is an "every man's game" that lots of people partake in regularly, it feels normal to compare your abilities to those of the players on television.  But in reality it's no different than watching an NFL game and making a comment like "wow, I wish I could sack the quarterback like that guy!"  That would be weird.

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