Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What are the "Skittles" people thinking?

I'm not much of a candy guy, but the other day I happened to find myself with a mini pack of Skittles.  My favorite thing to do with Skittles was always eating the lemon, lime, and orange ones all together for a nice citrus-y blend.  But last week as I was chewing on a mix of yellow, green, and orange, it became clear to me that something just wasn't right.

I looked at the wrapper and was stunned to find out that the greens were no longer lime flavored, but "green apple" instead.  Apparently the change happened earlier this year, and I'm a little blown away that anyone at Skittles thought this was a wise move to make.  I find it extremely hard to believe that any sort of market research or focus group would have been in favor of this decision.  Tell me what you think in the poll below.

Oh, and Skittles definitely needs to take the word "original" off of their package.


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