Friday, June 7, 2013

Stephen A. Smith goes too far on "First Take"

I'm not a fan of the ESPN show First Take.  Most of the time it consists of two guys arguing back and forth, each trying to win simply by being louder and more outrageous than the other.  Its goal appears to be to gain viewers by being controversial first, and contributing intelligent insight second.  I stopped watching it a long time ago.  But this week ESPN2 has been airing the French Open, bumping First Take to ESPNNews instead of the Mike & Mike rerun that I normally watch.

I'm not sure whether or not this is commonplace for the show these days, but yesterday Stephen A. Smith "debated" an opinion of his by saying those who think otherwise are idiotic, ignorant, and "need to be drug tested immediately."  Since I happen to be someone who disagrees with his view on the topic (whether or not Tim Duncan is one of the ten greatest NBA players ever), I took personal offense; and I don't understand how it's acceptable for him to say things like that.  I explained the whole situation in detail in an article I wrote last night for Celtics Life, please take a look.


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