Monday, December 17, 2012

Clearly I jinxed the Pats. But it's no big deal.

Last week I posted something called "Writing about the Patriots/Bray's amazingness is getting pretty redundant."  I listed several impressive stats and streaks that they were on, most of which ended or became much less impressive last night.  I should have seen it coming.  Everyone was finally on the Pats bandwagon this week, pretty much the entire sports world was calling them the best team in the NFL.  What I expected to happen to Notre Dame several weeks ago is what did happen to New England yesterday.

But that's ok.  After playing as badly as they possibly could for more than a half, the Patriots erased a 28 point deficit in less than a quarter against on of the best teams (and defenses) in the NFL.  I had this exchange with one of the co-founders of Cosby Sweaters (and a fellow Pats fan) on facebook last night:

Me: "Not real bothered by the loss.  The comeback was good enough, and now they got their crap game out of the way."

CS Mike: "Exactly. Tonight was the game they usually play on Super Bowl Sunday against the Giants. Now it's out of their system."

I think this sums up perfectly the current state of affairs in Foxboro.


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