Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tim Tebow's "best" passing game ever?

During the New York Jets 28-7 loss in Seattle on Sunday, Tim Tebow put forth the greatest completion percentage day of his NFL career.  The Jets backup connected on all 3 of his pass attempts; a very impressive 100% (to the surprise of no one, starter Mark Sanchez was 9-22, 41%).   In fact, Tebow has now completed 4 straight passes going back to his 1-1 performance on October 14th against Indianapolis.  Alas, his career completion rate still stands at just 47.9%.

It's also worth noting that on this momentous day, Tebow's aerial perfection was good for a grand total of just 8 yards, and a 79.2 passer rating.  By comparison, in the same game Seahawks wide reciever Golden Tate was perfect throwing the football as well: 1-1 for 23 yards and a touchdown (a 158.3 rating).


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