Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things that happen in the front row

Before the second half starts, they hand you an "in game program" with all the first half stats.

Player's wives/girlfriends wearing insane diamonds sit next to you.  They all look about 16 years old.  On the other hand, Doug Flutie does not.  He's getting up there... As is Jo Jo White, who turns 66 tomorrow.  You get to wish him "Happy Birthday" when you bump into him in the men's room.

Both camera men and referees sometimes get in your way.

You hear the players swear.  A lot.

And every once in a while Paul Pierce almost lands in your lap, then knocks down a huge three on the other end (turn the volume down before watching, it is LOUD in there).

If you'd like to read about what actually happened in the game, check out my article "Depth revealed in Doc's odd crunch time lineup" on


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