Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sadly, "Transformer" technology has regressed

Original "Bumblebee"
When I was about 7-10 years old, Transformers were easily the coolest toys out there.  If I had to name one genre of toy that defined my childhood (other than Legos, that is) "Transformers" would be it.  Due to the recent movies, Transformers are still popular two and three decades later.

But, there is one major difference: Today they now seem to be marketed to much younger children.  I'm going to put the blame on life like video games that are probably a lot more interesting to the average 8 year old than a car that changes into robot.

"Bumblebee" today
And because they are now for younger kids, Transformers are way less awesome (bad grammar intended) than they used to be.  Unlike video games which have gotten more intricate and complex, Transformers have gone the opposite rout.  They are big and bulky, and not as fragile.  They're less detailed, and don't have as many small moving parts.  They take fewer steps to transform; in fact some of them don't even transform at all.  Oddly enough, the Transformer technology of 25 years ago was far superior than it is today.


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