Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two fingered rings should not exist.

The other day I noticed a lady sitting at my bar wearing a ring that looked something like this:
It was the first I'd seen or heard of "two fingered rings."  It looked ridiculous; reminded me of one of those grill things rappers think are cool to wear over their teeth (also ridiculous).  So I did a little research, and apparently this two fingered ring business is for real.  But I don't care if Lauren Conrad or my girl Rihanna likes them, they're stupid.
Why would anyone still use this?
Supporting my case is the fact that the friend of aforementioned lady in my bar was carrying around a non-digital Nikon camera (they used to have something called "film" inside them) from about 1995.  And not like a serious photographer's camera, one of the cheap point and click things that pretty much every cellphone in the world now comes equipped with.  They even had me take a picture of them with it.

But, the really big news here is that this inspired me to create a new post category (which is no easy task, I had to reread everything I've ever written on this site), "fashion."  Take a look, lots of good stuff.  That and all the others are listed on the right side of the page below the contact email picture.


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