Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MLB is dumb at scheduling

Major League Baseball just announced a preliminary schedule for next season.  Since the Astros (the lowly pathetic Astros) will be moving to the AL, each league will now have an odd number of teams (15), and interleague play will need to happen all year long.  The first such matchup is the Reds hosting the Angels to start the season on April 1.  Cincinnati was the first professional baseball team, and because of this they always open at home, and throw a parade as well.  So why compound this with an interleague game to boot?  It's just a waste of publicity opportunities to combine the two.

Similarly, the Red Sox and Yankees will also begin the year facing off in the Bronx.  This is dumb for two reasons: One, as I mentioned last year, it's silly not to maximize the number of games that are a big deal.  And two, there is no need for baseball to ever start the season outdoors in cold weather.  


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