Friday, September 14, 2012

Smart Money in Boston Sports

3 out of 4.
This morning while I was researching my Celtics daily news post for CLNS Radio I stumbled across a "Smartest Spenders" study of payroll cost per victory over the past year by every franchise in each of the four major sports.  Their findings are somewhat subjective, they added value of their own choosing to the playoffs and other wins deemed more important.

Regardless, the results for the Boston teams are a telling sign towards the state of affairs at the moment: Out of 122 total, the Bruins ranked 6th, the Celtics 7th, and the Patriots 8th.  The Red Sox?  A distant 70th.  Which is a nice lead in to the other somewhat sarcastic piece I wrote today, Red Sox vs Blue Jays: Basement Battle Part II.


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