Thursday, June 28, 2012

What would the soccer shootout be in other sports?

I'm surprised how many people around here are into this UEFA Euro 2012 soccer thing.  It keeps popping up in my twitter and facebook feeds.  Yesterday afternoon/ evening we had the Spain vs Portugal semi-final game on in my bar, and a lot of people were watching very intently (admittedly not till the shoot out happened though).  Now I'm not going to go the typical rout and say it's dumb for a 2 hour long 0-0 game to end with penalty kicks; it's exciting and decisive and clearly makes people watch.  Instead I'm just going to try to find the equivalent from other sports.

The NHL already does the same thing (although not in the playoffs).  Basketball is easy; a free throw shooting contest.  I have to admit it would be pretty incredible to watch Lebron step up to line and have to make one shot, knowing that if he missed Kevin Durant could make one and win the NBA Title.  In the NFL I think it would either be kicking 35-yard field goals, or a two-point conversion contest.  Most likely the second one because it involves more than just one player from each team.  But what about baseball?  I'm kind of stumped on this one. Here's my best guess: You put just a pitcher and a hitter out there, and remove everybody else from the field.  The hitter gets one pitch, and all he has to do is put it in play in fair territory (or take a ball).  If it's a strike or foul, it's like a miss.  If you've got any better ideas for baseball (or the other sports) I'd love to hear them.

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