Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have you seen this movie?

The other day I saw a movie on HBO.  It was about some guys who all go out drinking before their buddy's wedding.  They bring along the bride's brother, even though they're not really friends with him.  One of them gives a very awkward speech, then later unintentionally drugs them all.  When they wake up in a hotel room in the morning, nobody remembers what happened the night before.

One guy's face is all messed up, and there's a strange animal in the room with them.  Then they realize one of their friends is missing. They spend all day looking for him.  At one point they think they find him, but it's the wrong guy.  Over the course of the day they come to realize all kinds of crazy things that they did the night before, but still can't find their friend.  The guy with the messed up face discovers he hooked up with an exotic dancer.  Among other things, a little Asian guy jumps out of the trunk of a car they had locked him in, and attacks them.  

Just as they are calling the bride to admit they screwed up and won't make it back in time for the wedding, "messed up face guy" puts the pieces together and figures out where their buddy is.  They find him and rush back, a little late, but just barely in time.  After the wedding they learn that they have pictures of the night before, which they all look at in order to find out exactly what happened. Oh, and Mike Tyson makes a cameo appearance.  The name of the movie is The Hangover.  

No wait, sorry, I got confused.  The little Asian guy was locked in an ice machine, not the trunk of a car.  And it's called The Hangover 2.    


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