Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm not convinced the Youk trade was the right move

Yeah, I know he's getting old and hasn't been hitting.  And to be honest he was never really one of my favorite players anyway.  But consider these possibilities:

What if Will Middlebrooks isn't a superstar?  He's been spectacular so far, but he's got a grand total of 144 Major League at bats.  That is what you call a "small sample."  It's likely he won't continue this level of incredible production.

What if Youkilis tears it up in Chicago?  He'll be angry and motivated and eager to prove he's not done, and Boston just traded him to a team with an identical 38-34 record that's currently getting nothing from their 3rd base position.  Youk could easily help the White Sox win their division or a Wild Card, and come back to haunt the Red Sox come playoff time.

Now I'm not saying either of these things will happen; but they might?  Boston didn't get much in return that's going to help them anyway.  Youkilis could have been a bench guy.  Maybe not forever, but at least for now.  Wouldn't you rather have him there to pinch hit or fill in for an injury than Nick Punto?  I just don't understand the rush to get rid of him, especially to a fellow A.L. contender.


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