Sunday, February 5, 2012

My 100% ACCURATE GUARANTEED Superbowl Prediction

There is one thing that I am absolutely certain is going to happen in the Superbowl today: The New York Giants will have the ball first.  Throughout the season I was constantly noticing that the Patriots were regularly kicking off to open games.  And then I recently stumbled upon this stat: The last 29 times New England has won the coin flip, they have elected to differ.  And on top of that, the past 31 times the Giants have won the toss they have elected to receive.  So mark it down, New York will be on offense for the opening possession.

A week ago I posted a Superbowl poll (look to the right) on this blog.  So far there are only 8 votes, but roughly 700 people have visited this page since then.  That percentage sucks.  So vote if you haven't.  And I'm kind of shocked that nobody has picked the Giants yet.

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