Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've dropped the "blogspot"

Ok, no more messing around.  I'm stepping this thing up a notch.  This site was never really going to look legit with the word "blogspot" in the title.  So it's gone.  I am now officially the owner of  If you clicked on the link and it didn't take you right back here, don't worry.  According to google it may take a couple days, and the old address will always keep working as well.  In the short term all this means is I get to spend even more time each day trying to understand the interweb, and many many hours in the near future adjusting to how this page now operates.  In the long term it means I own the name, so nobody can rip it off and pretend to be me once it's gone big time.  I guess I need to order some new business cards.

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