Friday, February 10, 2012

Have you seen the Coca-Cola "Freestyle" Machine?

I may be way late to the party on this one.  Fast food places in the city are usually much crappier than in the suburbs, and generally the last to get cool new things.  Not to mention it's something I rarely eat anyway.  But I found myself outside of my normal bubble in a Burger King yesterday, and this is what I saw:

This thing is awesome.  It's all touchscreen (although it definitely has some of the same potential flaws as the computers at Boloco and the ipad menus at Temezcal).  First you pick which type of soda you want.  Then you pick which flavors you'd like to add to it.  Everything comes out of the same spout.  There are over 100 combinations.  I went with cherry-vanilla cola.  Yum.  The concept here is really pretty basic, I'm kind of surprised it's taken this long for these to come out.

It wasn't crowded at all when I was there; but if the place got busy I could see this definitely being an issue.  It takes a little while to figure out if you haven't done it before (imagine your grandmother trying to do it), and everybody has to get their drinks from the same machine.

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