Saturday, November 12, 2011

So apparently Concord-Carlisle is awesome at football now?

Last night the Concord-Carlisle vs. Lincoln-Sudbury football score came across my twitter feed.  That is NOT something I ever expected to happen.  In my days as a CCHS Patriot, football was pretty much the opposite of a big deal.  So the fact that a Boston Globe sports reporter was tweeting about it got me interested enough to find out what was going on:

- Last year CC went 10-3 and lost to Duxbury in the Division 2A Superbowl at Gillette Stadium.  Impressive.

- 3 weeks ago they beat Acton-Boxboro for the first time since 1987.  Whoa, 24 years.

- As of yesterday Concord-Carlisle was 9-0 and ranked #8.  Not in the Dual County League, not in Eastern Mass, not just in Division 2, but in the entire state.  Wow.

- And last night they improved to 10-0 by crushing previously unbeaten (and the #6 ranked team in the state) Lincoln-Sudbury 27-0, allowing just 83 yards of total offense.  Unbelievable.  What a thrill it must be for the kids there now.  I think the absolute apex of sports fan-dom is being a student and watching YOUR team win.  Something about the athletes as your peers makes it particularly special.

Well this blog definitely has the smallest target audience of anything I've written.  I'm curious to see what kind of CCHS Patriot readership I have.  And who wants to go to the Bedford game Thanksgiving day?


  1. Guess I'm part of the target audience for this blog posting... That's pretty impressive! Is Dick Kerr still coaching? I'd love to go to the Thanksgiving game but I'll be working!


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