Monday, November 7, 2011

The rarity of a Pats home loss, and a Tebometer update

My biggest gripe from yesterday is that I hate when pass interference calls decide games.  Regardless of whether they're legit or not, it's just a crappy way to determine an outcome.  Moving on, the Patriots losing a home game is a VERY rare thing.  Since Tom Brady became the starter a little over ten years ago, their home record is a combined 69-14.  If you throw out the 5-3 home mark from the '08 Matt Cassel season, Brady owns a 64-11 career home record.  In fact, in 5 of his previous 7 seasons as the Pats' QB, New England went 8-0 at home.

But here's one more totally random stat that doesn't bode well for the rest of this year: in every full season that Brady has been the starter (and the Cassel year too), when the Patriots haven't gone undefeated at Gillette they've finished with a 5-3 home record.


If you're not familiar with the "Tebometer," read this.

Yeah, I know the Broncos won and Tim Tebow rushed for 118 yards yesterday, blah blah blah.  But, only two starting QB's threw for fewer yards, and not a single one was more inaccurate.  With his epic 10-21 (for 124 yards) performance, Tebow's career completion rate now stands at 48% (86-179), down .1% from last week.  He has yet to go over 50% in any game this year.

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