Friday, November 11, 2011

Bud Light Platinum?

This is the first blog that I've ever knowingly stolen from somewhere else.  I'm big on originality.  But I think it's ok this time because one, I got it from Cosby Sweaters who I write for; two, I'm acknowledging it; three, I've done a little research and have more of my own thoughts to add; and four, the deeper I get into this blog/twitter universe the more I realize that the magical interweb has no rules.

Now here's what I know about Bud Light Platinum: It's going to come out sometime early next year, and officially be introduced with a big Superbowl commercial.  It's also going to be 6% alcohol.  So how can it be "light" if it has more alcohol that Bud (5%) or normal Bud Light (4.2%)?  As I have said before, the calories are in the alcohol.  According to the L.A. Times, Bud Light Platinum will have 137 calories per can, so it is in fact "lighter" than Bud, which has 145 calories (although regular Bud Light only has 110).  But clearly calling it "Light" is more for the value and popularity of the name than for the actual ingredients.

I've read that Platinum will replace Bud Light Wheat, but I've also read that it will replace Bud Ice, and that it is in fact just a slightly modified stronger version.  Honestly I thought Bud Ice was gone 15 years ago when those awesome penguin ads stopped running:

Anyway, Bud Light Platinum poses a major dilemma for me.  Bud heavy has been my standard go to for years, mostly just because it has more alcohol than Bud Light; you know, more bang for your buck.  Do I switch?

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  1. sounds like a new 'new coke' besides saying platinum when you are slurring is way to hard.


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