Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's the deal with Grilled Cheese Trucks?

I had never seen nor heard of these in my life before.  Then one day last week I saw two of them in Boston.  And they weren't affiliated with each other, they looked totally different and were obviously separate businesses.  Is this a thing?  Are they new?  Do they have them in other cities?  Have they been here all along and I've just missed them?  And if that's the case, how did I see two in one day?!  And neither one was parked and open for business, they were both on the move, and during the middle of the day on a Tuesday no less.  What's going on?


  1. Apparently grilled cheese is all the rage. Have you seen the Cheese Boy ( at South Station?

  2. yeah, seen that booth, was actually going to try it yesterday but it was closed when i got off the bus at 9 pm


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