Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you take away the ocean, sun, and sand, what's left at the beach?

I went to South Beach on the Vineyard today.  There was hardly anybody there, but the weather was great and if it had still been August the place would have been mobbed.  Shortly after I arrived an old couple came and sat down about 30 feet from me.  That's them in the picture on the right.  They immediately set their chairs up facing away from the water.  Then they put up an umbrella to block the sun.  Unfortunately for them the wind kept knocking it over, so they took it down.  They put towels over their heads instead.  There was also a lot of sand blowing around, so they wrapped themselves in more towels for protection (they kept their shoes on too).  And this part is really essential, it was NOT cold.  Even with the wind blowing it was still plenty warm enough in just a bathing suit.  After they left I took a picture from where they were sitting.  Here's their view:

And here's what they were missing:

Can anybody explain to me why they were at the beach?

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