Saturday, September 17, 2011

BC Football is pretty bad this year

In the season opener they lost at home to Northwestern.  Not good.  Then they got BLOWN OUT by Central Florida, 30-3.  Central Florida is called the "Golden Knights" and plays in C-USA.  I guess they are a real legitimate Division 1 school.  Right now as I write this, the Eagles are up 19-14 at halftime, and will probably get their first win of the year today.  But they are playing Duke.  At home.  If BC were any good this game would be over already.  Duke lost to my Richmond Spiders two weeks ago.  Richmond is a 1AA team (I know 1AA is called something else now, but it's stupid and I refuse to acknowledge it).  Good luck this year Superfans.


Final score: Duke 20, BC 19.  And for the record, Alaa Abdelnaby, Cherokee Parks, Danny Ferry, Trajan Langdon, and Mike Gminski did not play for the Blue Devils.  Is it really possible BC is worse than Richmond???

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