Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spaceballs, more examples of why "Wins" by a pitcher are dumb, and weird makeup on girls in bars

Justin Verlander got his 20th win last night.  Yeah, he's really good, but he's not 9 wins better than Josh Beckett.  They have almost the same WHIP (.90 to .97) and ERA (2.38 to 2.43).  As a team the Red Sox have 82 wins, second in the majors only to Philly's 83.  But they don't have any pitchers who rank in the top 7 in wins, and only Jon Lester (with 14 W's) is even in the top 17.  Also last night Sox middle reliever Alfredo Aceves vultured his 9th win of the season.  Yeah, I know I'm being redundant to my recent posts about how much I hate W's as a stat, my general dislike for middle relievers, and how surprisingly good Aceves has been.  But hardly anybody reads this on Sundays, and there is a hurricane coming.  Allegedly.

Also any time I use the word "dumb" I think of this:

Now here's something weird.  Before I went in to work last night I was already planning on writing this, and referencing Spaceballs.  Then when I was at work there was a girl at the bar with horrible shiny makeup on. She looked like she was going to "Carnival" on Bourbon St or something, I literally thought she must be joking.  But she wasn't, it was just her regular "night out" makeup.  For a few minutes I knew she reminded me of something, but I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then it hit me: "Yogurt" from Spaceballs.

Huh, now I'm thinking this blog is kinda good and I wish I hadn't wasted it on Irene Sunday.  And I also just realized it's very similar in style to what I wrote last Tuesday about Chinese Taipei and Baseball Stars.  I wonder if random stream of consciousness is my new thing?

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