Thursday, September 1, 2011

I discovered two great things at Fenway last night

Since I'd had so much success getting Sox-Yanks tickets the night before, I decided to try my luck again last night.  This time when I strolled up to the ticket window they had $50 seats available in a section I'd never heard of, called the "right field roof box terrace."  I sat there a few years ago (for Jon Lester's no hitter actually) and it was several rows of metal bleachers.  Well now it's completely redone, and it is awesome.  It's basically the same thing as Monster seats for a fraction of the price.  You've got a swivel chair, a ledge in front of you for your food/beer, plenty of room, and easy access to bathrooms and concessions.  Plus a great view from high above.  The whole area kind of has the feel of a beachfront boardwalk, and it's not crowded at all because you get a stamp on your hand for that section only.

And the second great thing I discovered: the panoramic photo option on my cell phone.

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