Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what are the chances i'm going to get asked to play in the all star game tonight?

i've been playing a little softball lately, so i think i should be about next in line.  felix hernandez gets replaced by jon lester (who they know is injured) who gets replaced by ricky romero?!  that's the toronto blue jay ricky romero, who has a 7-8 record.  david robertson.  jordan walden.  aaron crow.  michael pineda.  matt joyce.  tyler clippard.  ryan vogelsong.  gaby sanchez.  ok, i'm tired of typing names, but i could go on.  all of those guys are "all stars."  i'm pretty sure i could have made up a bunch of fake names just now and 99% of people wouldn't even know the difference.  this thing is kinda becoming a joke.

and if anybody who reads this can name that "all star" on the right (without cheating), i'll give you a free subscription for life, which should be worth something once my blog gets huge.

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