Wednesday, July 6, 2011

there really is a movie coming out later this month called "cowboys and aliens"

i remember seeing the commercial back during the superbowl, and as i was watching it thinking maybe it was a joke; like "is this an ad for a fake movie that's really an ad for something else" type of deal.  but clearly it's real.  and i gotta say i've kinda done a 180 on it.  i think the premise is pretty cool.  alien movies always happen in the present day.  but seriously, if earth was going to be invaded, isn't it just as likely to have happened in some other time period?  i hope it does well enough that they make a prequel and call it "dinosaurs and aliens."  harrison ford is a big deal,  and so is the new james bond guy.  and i love olivia wilde, every since that "black donnellys" show on NBC a few years back that was kinda awesome even though it failed.  also john favreau is the director, so clearly it has the potential to be good.  the problem is i know the ending is gonna suck and i'll be disappointed, because that's what happens 98% of the time when a movie looks like it has a cool premise.

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