Thursday, July 7, 2011

is hockey going mainstream?

the NFL is locked out.  and in case you weren't paying attention over the long weekend, the NBA is now locked out too.  so while it may turn out to be the most boring winter ever, the NHL is definitely sitting pretty at the moment.  there's a decent chance that the next pro sport we see start up again will be the last one that just ended: hockey.  and they're coming off the highest rated stanley cup final in years, with a champion from one of the few cities that can actually claim to have legitimate hockey fans.  so come october if the NHL is the only thing going, there's definitely a possibility that people will start watching.  the versus network has got to be going nuts right now.

or everybody might just watch a lot more college football/hoops.

and what about this: is there a chance canada is somehow behind the duel lockouts?  is this the beginning of their attempt at world domination?  first they force feed hockey down our throats, then who knows what's next; full scale invasion?

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