Sunday, July 3, 2011

come on, i need help!

ok, seriously, enough is enough.  i know it's 4th of july weekend.  and i know everybody's on vacation.  but that was an awesome blog i wrote yesterday, and nowhere near enough people read it.  manny ramirez in the HR derby?  that would be absolutely redonculous television!

i know there's people who read this a lot and enjoy it.  so i'm calling you out.  you know who you are.  go back and find one of your favorite blogs.  repost it on facebook.  retweet it if you're on the twitter.  tell your coworkers to read it cause there's a crap load of worse things you can do for 37 seconds a day.  and tell them maybe it's something really cool that they don't even know about. 

if the trends keep going the way they're going, i'm gonna to have to give up soon.  and then this time we both lose johnny.  (and for the well pop cultured reader: yeah i quoted "old school." and then "point break," possibly via barstool, but i promise i've been using that line since 1992).

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