Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sometimes i wish i was a padres fan

i'm on my way to fenway for the afternoon game today vs the padres.  the last time i saw them was about two years ago when i was living in san diego.  i don't remember who they played, or anything about the game. but i do remember that on the day of the game i walked up to the ticket window and paid $20 for a good seat along the 3rd base line, that included a free hot dog and a soda.  i also remember a time i went to opening day in tampa.  that day i had two tickets, also near 3rd base, that cost a total of $24.  i couldn't find somebody to go with me and i didn't even care.  it's great to have you're team always sell out and to always be a contender, but sometimes i'm jealous of other cities where you can go to baseball games everyday if you like for next to nothing.

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