Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so now what? golf? tennis? doppelgangers?

i love baseball, but i'm not sure what to do now that it's the only thing going.  coming off probably the best combined NBA/NHL playoff season that i remember, there is now definitely a major void in the sports world.  that kid winning the US open yesterday was kinda cool; but golf?  really?  the best i can do with that is say how much the name "rory mcilroy" reminds me of "roy mcavoy."  although it is pretty eerie when you watch this clip, at the 8 second mark he talks about finishing with best score ever at the open:

and for those who pay even less attention to golf than me, the real rory mcilroy did just that yesterday, at -16; exactly what the fictitious roy mcavoy couldn't quite do.  and while we're on the subject, tin cup is probably in my top 5 sports movies ever.  hmm, that's definitely a blog idea for another lazy summer day.  or maybe i should have just written this whole thing about tin cup.  i love the scene where he plays golf with garden tools, and then later with only a 7 iron.  but best of all it bucks the generic sports movie cliche by letting him lose in the end.  and somehow you still feel good about it.  brilliant.

also wimbeldon started yesterday.  which i'm kinda pissed about because it was televised on espn2 all day.  the bruins never got their fair share of props on all the regular daytime shows that were bumped, first for golf last week, and now tennis this week.  so rather than hear skip bayless, mike and mike, and scott van pelt talk about how awesome brad marchand and tim thomas were, i was stuck watching andy murray.  who by the way, looks EXACTLY like this guy:

that's andy murray, above.  NOT andy murray, below.  that guy (rob huebel) plays small parts in a lot of funny movies and some stuff on comedy central.  off the top of my head i think of him as the douchey realtor who wants to work with paul rudd in "i love you, man," and the guy a.j. who is holly's new boyfriend on "the office" after she moves to nashua and breaks up with michael.

wow, this blog is all over the place.  i changed the title 4 times while i was typing.  just kind of started writing and went with it stream of consciousness style.  i like it though.

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