Sunday, June 19, 2011

"professor of tv and pop culture" is a real job?

the other day "outside the lines" did a show about the miami/lebron finals aftermath.  somehow they picked this guy as an expert to interview about why everybody loves mocking lebron so much.  but my real question is, how did he get his job in the first place?  "professor of tv and pop culture?"  that can't be real.  and if it is, how do i get that job?  what are the qualifications?  what did he put on his resume when he applied, "i sit around all day and watch tv and read stuff on the internet?"  cause if that's the case i'm the perfect candidate. 

and memo to syracuse, this guy looks to be about 60 years old.  i don't care how much he knows or how much tenure he has, there's no way somebody that age should be teaching "pop culture."  and also, who do they think they are offering this as a class anyway?  i would have taken that every semester twice a year for 4 years at richmond if i could have.

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