Monday, April 18, 2011

was my blog from saturday the smartest thing ever written?

the celtics, heat, bulls, thunder, and mavs all eke out game 1 wins at home.  the spurs, lakers, and magic get upset.  hmm, it's almost like there is no clear favorite...

also, that was one hell of a game to go to tonight at the new garden.  the alley oop with 37 seconds left was a seriously ballsy play call.  and then after ray hit the go ahead 3, the knicks totally panicked;  coaches running around the sidelines wanting a timeout when they had none.  melo jacking up a ridiculous 3 with 5 seconds left when they only needed 2.  yeah, the building was insane at that moment, but still they looked like a high school JV team. 

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