Wednesday, April 20, 2011

there should be day time baseball on TV everyday of the season

as somebody who doesn't keep to regular 9-5 hours, i really enjoy when there are weekday day games.  it happens a fair amount in the beginning of the year, but after mid may almost all of the games during the week are played at night.  i don't understand why espn didn't start something called "espn day game" a long time ago.  one game televised everyday in the mid afternoon.  it could rotate through every team.  the math works out to just one home game per team every 6 weeks, or 4 games a year.  yeah yeah, i know teams make more money off of night games.  but it wouldn't really matter to teams like boston who sell out all the time anyway, and for crappy teams like pittsburg or san diego it would give them a rare chance to be on national TV.

and for that matter, why doesn't, espn always pick up the coverage for any day games that currently do happen?  it's got to be better for their ratings than the 9th straight hour of sportscenter, right?

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