Saturday, April 23, 2011

celtics own the knicks, and not just yesterday...

yeah, i know i'm probably jinxing game 4 on sunday by writing this, but boston is now 7 for 7 vs the knicks this year.  and the funny thing is, until last night they were all close hard fought games.  but there's too many ridiculous stats from this game not to write about it:

- pierce 38 pts, allen 32 pts, rondo 20 assists.  none of those guys have had numbers like that in a while.  rondo's 20 assists is an all time celtics playoff record.  pierce and allen have never scored 30 in the same game before, in fact no celtic teammates have both scored 30 in one game since paul and antoine did 9 years ago. 

- pierce and allen combined to shoot an absolutely preposterous 14-19 for 3 pt fg's.

- ray allen is the only player in NBA history to make 8 or more 3's in a game more than once.  and this was the 4th time he's done it.

- rondo had his 6th career playoff triple double, which puts him on the very short list of bird, magic, wilt, oscar robertson, jason kidd (hmm...), and some guy named lebron who have done that before.

there is one bad thing i feel like i have to mention though.  the bench has been freaking terrible this whole series.

oh, and lester just put up the 7th straight great effort for the sox, who's starting pitchers have now only given up 6 runs in the last 7 games.  as bad as they were for the first 2 weeks, this past week boston has been the best team in baseball.

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