Friday, March 11, 2011

i'm really sick of trick shot videos

michelle beadle on sportsnation is mostly to blame.  for a while now they've been showing clips of people making crazy basketball shots during the opening of the espn2 afternoon sports/pop culture talk show.  and now everybody and their mother is filming themselves making crazy shots, including college quarterbacks.  these videos are all the rage on youtube right now.  well i've got some news for you: they are totally unimpressive.  i can make a shot from the stands behind the basket.  i can make a shot from the roof of my garage.  i can throw a football into a trash can from really far away.  the only difference is i don't feel like filming myself for hours while i try 67 times until it goes in.  show me an unedited video of a guy making the same absurd shot multiple times in a row and then i'll be impressed.

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