Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 random and hopefully interesting sports facts from yesterday

- justin morneau played in a practice game for the twins, which is worth mentioning because he hadn't played in ANY game since he took a knee to the head on july 7 last year.  my completely un-expert medical opinion is that 8 months is a crazy long time to take to recover from a concussion.  i'm definitely not drafting him in my fantasy league

- the slumping villanova wildcats were eliminated by south florida in the first round of the big east tournament.  they have fallen a long way since being ranked #7 back in january. after starting 16-1 they are 5-10 since, and are looking to be the first team EVER to make the big dance while in the midst of a 5 game losing streak

- a certain NBA team in south florida (that i will make an effort not to rip on yet again today) also lost their 5th in a row, possibly because they got 69 of their 96 points from only two guys, and only 3 of 37 made field goals from their less than stellar bench

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