Thursday, March 10, 2011

celtics lose game they shouldn't have, i'm pretty sure nobody cried though

some notes from last night's celtics loss to the clippers:

     - boston started the 2nd quarter down 30-17 with a lineup on the floor of green, krstic, murphy, arroyo, and pavlovic, 5 guys who'd never played together before and who'd all been on the team for less than two weeks.  it was pretty clear at that point that doc didn't care about winning the game, he just wanted to play around with his new bench to see what he has.

     - with the celtics down 60-40 late in the 2nd quarter, the guy sitting in front of me was playing "ANGRY BIRDS" on his cell phone.  seriously.  that may be the most depressing thing i have ever seen at a live sporting event.  and it wasn't a kid or a bored wife or girlfriend, it was a mid 20's guy in a celtics hoodie who appeared to be a real fan.  disgraceful.

     - boston made a game of it late, cutting the deficit to 3 with 5+ minutes to go, but the clippers kept hitting 3's just when it mattered most. 

     - the blake show was mostly uneventful.  he had one impressive dunk late, and from my knowledge of the rules it should have been followed up with a technical foul.  as you can see in the pic above, after he dunked he grabbed the ball and tossed a behind the back pass to the ref.  garnett has been T-ed up twice this year for illegally touching the ball after it went through the hoop.  apparently that is only a violation for him, and it irks the HELL out of me.  it's a rule that is NEVER enforced, but whenever the refs are annoyed with KG they are at liberty to call it as they please.

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  1. Blake Show's dunk was pretty sick. It looked awkward at first glance, but, upon further review, with the power of DVR, it was NASTY! A little left-handed, adjust in mid-air, double-clutch jobbie. I AM a believer!!!


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