Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I have a new goal in life: Get a Chipotle celebrity burrito card

Danny Ainge showed this off to Celtics media yesterday:

Since first seeing that tweet, here's what I've discovered about Chipotle's custom-made burrito cards:  They allow you to have one free burrito per day, for an entire year (or possibly for life).  Chipotle also doesn't like to talk about them and neglects to offer any info about the cards on its website.

From a 2013 Yahoo Sports Big League Stew article on Bryce Harper's:

"The celebrity card program is small," Chipotle communications director Chris Arnold told The Stew in an e-mail. "And we don't really share enough detail on it to make much of a story out of it."

New life goal: Reach a point where Chipotle deems it wise to give me one of these.

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