Friday, October 14, 2016

Everybody figured everything out way too quickly on "Fear the Walking Dead"

In The Walking Dead, it took quite some time before the characters were anything but 100-percent terrified of the zombies (and why don't they call them zombies, by the way?).  But after several years, everyone still alive finally seems to know what they're doing.  The zombies are no longer the primary concern--people have all learned how to handle them at this point.  Other humans are now the greatest danger.

However, in Fear the Walking Dead, the writers decided to hand over many seasons worth of Walking Dead knowledge and experience to the new cast basically right from the start (I guess they assumed that since the viewers already have this information maybe the show wouldn't work if the characters didn't have it too?).  After only a handful of Fear episodes, everybody is walking around all bad-ass, covered in dead blood and killing zombies with their bare hands.

I don't like it.

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  1. Fear the walking death is my favorite horror series.I don't know why did you find so much flaw in that series but still its your own opinion and we should respect every body's opinion.

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