Thursday, September 1, 2016

My impression of every Bill Simmons NFL podcast

Despite the terrible trailer for his new TV show, I'm a big fan of Bill Simmons.  In particular, his podcasts are fantastic.  However, there's one thing that happens every time he discusses the NFL, usually with his friend "Cousin Sal," that really bugs me.  They have a habit of breaking down each team's schedule as if it's the most difficult stretch of games the league has ever seen.  The conversations always sound something like this:

"Cousin Sal, are we sure (Team X) is really that good? They're 1-1 right now. Take a look at their next four weeks: They play against an NFL team this Sunday at 4 pm. Then they have a short week and have to take on another NFL team on Thursday night. After that, they go on the road and play yet another NFL ballclub, before travelling all the way to (City Y) and facing a fourth straight squad that plays in the NFL at 1 pm on the West Coast. That's just a brutal schedule. Don't you think they could easily be 2-4 heading into Week 7?"

This type of schedule talk is especially irksome when it occurs before the season even starts--nobody has any idea yet which games will actually turn out to be tough matchups (listen to Sal's take on the Jets at the 22:30 mark of their most recent podcast).

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