Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Doc Rivers wishes Celtics kept '08 title team completely intact, sounds skeptical of Warriors' Durant signing

On a recent CSNNE podcast with Kyle Draper, former Celtics coach and current Clippers boss Doc Rivers sounded less than convinced that signing Kevin Durant was a smart move for the 73-win Warriors:

"You only get 95 shots a game--that's what they took last year, they're gonna get 95 this year. ... Is [Stephen] Curry going to take less shots? Is Klay Thompson going to take less? ... They lost a lot of guys, they lost a lot of their bench which I thought was huge for them. If I've learned anything, even like when we won in 2008, if I could have a redo I don't think we should've touched that team the following year. We made changes. We let [James] Posey go, and chemistry is a very tentative thing. When you have it, you've gotta keep it and I think, ah, we'll see..."

Other than wanting to teach Doc the difference between "less" and "fewer," I wholeheartedly agree with his premise.  The Warriors may well win the title in 2016-17, but odds are they won't be as good as they were last season.

The same podcast also includes an interview with Brad Stevens.  Among other things, Stevens shared his thoughts on the Celtics opting not to re-sign Jared Sullinger:

"I really like Jared and I thought Jared had a great year last year. He started most of our games throughout the regular season and into the playoffs. [He] did a lot of great things and he's a heck of a young player. Obviously when we got Al Horford we had to make tough decisions. That was a really hard decision for everybody."

Stevens always chooses his words wisely and never says anything bad about anyone.  Clearly there's more to the story here--if the C's wanted to keep Sully around they could've, regardless of Horford's arrival.

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