Thursday, August 4, 2016

Would you wake up and go to school if David Ortiz told you to? (Papi could've helped Seinfeld's runner friend)

The Red Sox and Boston Public Schools have partnered on an initiative that will allow middle and high school students to receive wake-up calls from David Ortiz in an attempt to fight chronic absenteeism.  Here's the recording of Big Papi's voice that will play when kids answer their cell phones in the morning:

I think this is a great idea that's really easy to implement with hardly any overhead cost, so there's nothing to lose.  But, I'm also not sure how effective it'll be long-term.  I think the first day Papi called me I'd be pumped and jump right out of bed. (Which is why Seinfeld could've really used this to help out Jean-Paul):

However, by Week 2 I'm not even answering the phone anymore.  Here's an idea for BPS: Try to get as many celebs (or even quasi-celebs like local news people, etc.) as possible to volunteer, then switch up the person who calls on a regular basis.  I bet students would be a lot more eager to listen to the recording if it was a surprise who they might hear.

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